Hey there!

My name is Farida and welcome to my website!

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a loving friend.  I was born in a small country named Suriname at the tip of South America, where the lifestyle is full of tropical flavors.

When I moved to the Netherlands as a small child I had to get use to the new colors and flavors in life, where I start enjoying the best of both worlds. In my early teen years I have discovered my dancing and singing skills, which I later on used to worship the Lord. A smile is never far away and by helping the people who are in need in my city and around the world, I believe I can do my part of bringing peace and justice on earth. My motto is; you never know what the day of tomorrow will bring so you might as well enjoy it to the fullest!

 This blog is about my adventures in life also called, my sabbatical journey. Life is unpredictable, fun, full of love, sadness and sometimes very dangerous.

But I believe with a positive mindset, life could be as wonderful as you want it to be. Come and read my stories, leave comments, get connected and just enjoy life.


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