Welcome on board on a trip of your life!

Busy…busy…busy… so little time, so much to do. That is all I hear around me. Being busy all the time can creep up on you and before you know it, you will be a cranky person, who does not have time for the people around you but even worse not having time for God.  STOP! and think about what you are doing, look around you and breath. Do not take the 24 hours that are given to you for granted, life is to short!  It is time to live the abundant life. The question is, what is the abundant life? Well look no further than the book that can give you all the answers…the Bible!

We get overwhelmed sometimes but the good news is, that it is not necessary at all…….

Go on! have a walk through the park, call a friend or family member who you have not spoken to for a while. Meditate on the Word of God and feel his presence. There are many things you can do to ease that feeling of being busy all the time.  Take some time  off from social media, I have discovered that it does me well. We all have these cravings of missing out on social media right? I do too sometimes. Just watching pictures on Instagram “really your brain is not doing anything but observing junk” (lol). Yes, you may say, I only read encouraging posts, which can be true (no worries I am not judging 😉 but here and there these worldly  junk are flying before your eyes and BAM! you have been expose to it. Hey I guess this would be great next topic to blog about. To come back to our previous topic, the life of ultimate rest on earth does not exist, but we can enter in his rest by taking some time to reflect on the day. I would encourage you to do that…. Share your thoughts and leave a comment.

God bless


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