The Daniel Fast Part 1

It’s  the fourth day of my Daniel fast.  For the people who don’t  know what the Daniel fast is  you can find a detailed explanation on the website of  This a short version of the way I explain it; The Daniel fast is based on the verses 2 and 3 of chapter 10 in the book of DanielDaniel was a determined man with clear ideals and to achieve this he did not hide his feelings for anyone and was not out to please man. On the contrary , he took a personal initiative to begin a fast that kept him focused on what was truly God’s will.

It was also a way of preparing himself for his spiritual growth. Overall purpose for the Daniel fasting is to come closer to God in a Spiritual way. It’s all about your relationship with God and the spiritual hunger for his word. Note: Scripture does not command Christians to fast. So it is a personal choice, but fasting is good, profitable, and beneficial for example whenever you need to make important decisions in life.

My personal motivation for fasting.

The reason for my 21 day fasting is that I want to prepare myself for the new season in my life and the new and exciting things that are coming up, I will write about that soon. One of the things I definitely want to learn during this period is discipline in every area of my life and obedience. I want to fully surrender without holding anything back from God. I’m writing this blog post for encouragement for other people who are thinking about fasting. As mentioned before it is a personal choice.

What have I been experiencing so far…

The first day of fasting I had a headache I think every party of my body was in shock of the extreme way of changing my eating habits. I admit that I should have prepared myself better before doing this, lesson for the next time.  The second day I was feeling well just keeping the flow, I did had some worldly distractions around me, but he! what can I do, lock myself in a room? It is all about discipline. The third day I had my first spiritual encounter with God at night, it was a prayerful night.

It is not about Food or maybe it is a little bit

My focus is on God but by doing the Daniel fast I am also got a better view of the physical part of it like cleaning my temple (my body) that God has given me. A good example for this is my candy rush moments. OH I love all kind of sweets it’s  deliciously horrible. Having some sweets in life is no sin but overdoing it is. Lately  I’ve being taking the phrase “embrace  you fatness”  to seriously. It’s time to clean up the mess that I have made. For it is written that we have to live with the consequences of the choices we make in life – Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. Galatians 6:7  Amen! Praise Jesus that he doesn’t  condemn us for it. On the contrary, he says “I love you and I’ll  walk through this with you”. Now when I go to the grocery store it takes a while to gather all my stuffs, it’s like a new world has open up to me. There is a lot of food that I have never seen before :P. not that I’ve never experimented with food before but now it seems so extreme. It’s fun to do the grocery and being aware of what you eat.



I am more grateful of what the Lord is given me every single day. My days seems longer, I’m  experiencing it more in details and in slow-motion. I know by the end of this my relationship with God will be on the next level.

Remember fasting doesn’t  change us but God does 😉

I would be interested in knowing what your motivation for fasting is. Share your motivation in the comments below.


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