Long-distance love 

” I have found the one who my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4

September 12 2016 was our first anniversary!!

No big bang party 😄 just enjoying each other in Sicily. I thank God for the fact that he has brought my husband (Vince) and I together before our first anniversary. We have prayed for that for a while, but first let me give you a short version of our love story.

It all started on June 21 2013, when we first met. It was the end of Vince’s 1 year mission trip through several countries in the world and we met through a business event where locals meets expats. We had a instand click because of our love for Christ. We spend hours talking just about Christ and getting to know each other. He decided to stay in the Netherlands and we end up going to the same church building our relationship. Months pasted by and on my birthday in January 2014 we announced our engagement to our family. It was all wonderful, we even had a wedding date for that same year! We’ve discoverd soon after that it doesn’t work that way. Consulting the Lord for a date was the right thing to do. You can figure out what happend……..God moved the date to September 12 2015. Praying for a right date was all of a sudden not going the way we wanted to be and if that was not enough Vince had to go back to the USA (jobs wise). We end up beeing 9 months apart before we’ve got married!

I was very angry, frustated, confused not at God, but at my self. Asking the lord if we’ve heard well.

During that time apart we’ve grown a lot individualy. God prepared us for something big. Our wedding day went pretty fast, it was on the beautiful beach of Coronado island San Diego, California. People are right when they say that you plan a lot of things prior and the day just passes like that! I am telling you, I thank God we had a small wedding, I could not put up with hundreds of people. The day went very smooth and I am even amaze to say it went exactly as we wanted!

After our wedding we only had seen each other two times before ending up at the place we are right now (Amsterdam).

We both have dreamed of having an international relationship but beeing apart of each other was probably not something we had carefully looked into.

We have learned it the hard way, yet if it were not for God’s grace and we obeing him we would not have been together now.

Long-distance love requires hard work but It CAN work with the right principals and good communication.

It is good to have a goal, a plan because other wise your life will be going all kind of directions, we always have to keep in mind that not everything will go our way. We should have peace with that because God always has a better plan for you. It will be exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…Ephesians 3:20 

At this moment we have made plans but we let God lead if it goes differently than expected, well so be it. I know we will be together no matter what! Along the way we might have made some ishmael decisions but God always has a way of getting us back on the Isaac track. Amen to that!

Ciao dei Sicilia!

Greetings from Sicily!

Groetjes uit Sicilië!


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