Through The Concrete Wilderness

Oh Hong Kong you are beautiful….

Dear readers,

You can learn a lot when you are traveling that is for sure. A few days have passed by and my husband I only stayed in Hong Kong for a few days, but I can tell you that we have learned a lot.

My gosh, so many people, the hustle and bustle and the rudeness of some of them. I got the full lesson of love including the test. Only God knows if I have passed the test “giggle”.  It was patience and adaptation. Not only for being there and dealing with the people, but also love in action towards my husband. As I have mentioned in my previous blog post we are on a Sabbatical to draw closer to each other and together to God,  so love is the key.

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. John 15:12

-The activities-

Hong Kong is a busy, a little bit expensive, but a beautiful place. We have been visiting many places like The Peak (One of Hong Kong main attractions), Ngong Ping 360 cable car, Tian Tan Buddha (also known by the name Big Buddha), Po Lin Monastery, Victoria Park, but also the best food restaurants in the Mong Kok district.

The most fun activity we did was Ngong Ping 360 at Lantau island. If you love nature and the mountains you must go there, because in down town there is not enough green, more skyscrapers. We stayed at Hong Kong island (down town) and took the MTR (Metro) to Ngong Ping 360, which took us about 30 min to get there.

We were advised to go early to Ngong Ping 360, but we were there by 11:30am and that was perfectly fine. There was a long line but it went pretty fast. The weather is sometimes very foggy in the morning so if you go a little bit later you might see more of the island. By 12:15pm we were in one of the cable cars. By the way if you buy your tickets online you get a discount and it will save you the long lines. We were not in a hurry just on a sabbatical time with a mañana spirit.


What an amazing view from the cable car








There are two cable cars you can choose from, “the crystal cable car” that is with the glass floor and the normal one. The one with the glass floor is more expensive than the normal one but it could be a nice experience. We were on a budget so we skip the glass floor one. Also you can choose if you want to go one way with the cable car and hike through the mountains on the way back, trust me for the last option you need to plan a day trip “giggle”. I have seen people hiking there and It is just scary because it is so steep. You do not need to be a professional but please be careful while you hike there and do not forget to carry lots of water on you because it can be hot.


I am  so ready for this! 

Once in the cable car….just sit or stand and look at all the beauty around you….. under need you… HELLO 360 degrees! I took so many pictures it was good that we took a round trip so I could enjoy the scenery again without seeing it through a camera lens..





Hong Kong is the gate way to food heaven. My goodness back home the Chinese food is okay, but going to China…………Chinese food is the bomb. The smell on every corner of the street, the yumminess and not to mention the affordability of it. Oh man, we stayed on the 21st floor and in the morning we could smell the good food already. I am not exaggerating! It brought all the memories back from my trip to Beijing in 2011 my goodness…

Be prepared to eat a lot, not by overeating but just small portions during the day. That is the best way to eat anyway.


I love wonton  soup 


Mong Kok district









We visit Good Hope Noodle and Sister Wah  “Michelin star restaurants” (trust me affordable). According to Andrew Zimmern ” famous US chef” these are one of the best Noodle shops in Hong Kong. I can say that they are fabulous. I really enjoyed the noodles soups, but then again everything is so yummy there and it could be that the little old lady across of your hotel sells just as yummy noodle soups as the places that I have mentioned. If you go to Mong Kok district “food Walhalla” do not be overwhelmed by a lot of people in a tiny space. It felt like the movie of “Antz” my goodness so many people walking around and the smell of food “smile”  I love it!


Shopping in Hong Kong is fantastic at least if you save up enough to do it well, unfortunately it was not for my wallet since the currency kept changing (not in my favor) the whole time. I enjoyed Causeway bay, it is a true shopping Walhalla.

The posh area is “Central” there you can find the famous brands like  Louise Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier etc, it felt like the Champs Élysées so if you if you have the goods, go for it!

The best place to get a souvenir is the ladies market which is also located in the Monk Kok district. You can find all kind of affordable stuffs like shoes, beach wear, bags, etc. Be aware that everybody wants to sell you something, it is good to negotiate and most of the people are willing to do that. That is where I got my Hong Kong t-shirt from.


The Peak – My HK T-Shirt


Mong Kok 


















-Public transportation-

I love the octopus card! Get it immediately when arriving in Hong Kong. It is truly a blessing “lol”. You can pay with it in a lot of places like 7Eleven, some  restaurants or stores. Very very veryyy helpful, because you just put money on it and it works like a debit card. Using a debit card back home (the Netherlands) is a must, who has cash on them these days?!  Note: I said debit card so no credit. Of course the major credit card companies are represented in Hong Kong so you can pay with that too or even directly with your own debit card. Our preference was to use the octopus card and sometimes cash for the street markets. The metro service is very reliable and inside of metro is very clean (you are not allowed to eat in it). Advisable is to take the Hong Kong airport express from and to the airport that gets you way faster in down town.


On the market they sell a t-shirt with the text “I got lost in Hong Kong”, well we didn’t get lost in Hong Kong city,  but we almost got lost on the airport. The airport is huge, very clean and beautiful. We had to take two trains or whatever it is named,  to get to our gate “giggle”.


It was a great adventure but it is time to relax on the beach of Phuket, Thailand and so our journey continues…… 

God Bless.


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