Going where the wind blows part 1

So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place. Mark 6:32 NIV

Beach and coconut all day. Life is beautiful when you have God in it. Until now I can say God is leading us, every step of the way. Exactly what we have asked for in our prayers. After a hustle and bustle in Hong Kong we arrived in Phuket, Thailand!  It was time for true rest, peace and living the coconut life. No running around anymore but just being blessed of the warmth treatment from the Thai people.  I can tell you I liked them from the moment we landed. The Thai people are so friendly and helpful, if you have never been I would say go go go!

We have stayed  in a hotel 10 min walk from the  airport of Phuket.  We were planning to leave after two days but the people of the hotel were so awesome and the hotel was amazing, that we just asked them if we could stay a week longer. We arrived late at night and the airport shuttle was still waiting for us to take us to the hotel, just perfect!

The next day we decided to take the hotel  bicycle and cycle through the neighborhood. This small town that is named “Nai Yang Beach” is in the north of Phuket and was also struck by the 2004 tsunami.  It has been beautifully rebuild, but we came across an abandoned hotel  “a very spooky  one I may say” which reminds the people every day  of the tsunami. The hotel could be fixed up and painted, but what locals told me is that the money is not there and superstitions prevent it.


The abandoned building

The place where we stayed is “just like the place in Hong Kong” in a quite area. Good enough for us so that we can focus on each other and God.

Cycling around this small town makes you feel super relaxed, after 5 days everybody knew us, some even by name. It felt like our new home. I think I could stay in Phuket for a year or two “lol”.


cycling in Nai Yang Beach 

The most important thing of the first couple of days is the connection between God and us.  He gave us time to rest to fully calm down and to reflect about our life. The beach was 10 min walk from our hotel. I used the time I walk or cycle to the beach to talk with God. It felt like every time the wind was blowing I heard him speak.

 The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  Exodus 33:14 NIV

That is why when we arrived we did not do any activity, but just went to the beach to relax. Having a coconut and eat delicious food, basically having a coconut lifestyle. I had so many coconuts drinks, ice cream, cookies even coconut oil for my hair and a coconut Thai massage.  You cannot leave Thailand without a massage. There are many different massages and super affordable. In some occasions you need to negotiate and that is what we did. It is good that I have a partner who can negotiate very well, so I stood there and let it be done for me “life is like a sweet pie”.

Food, Food, Food, need I say more….. as I have been talking about Hong Kong being the gateway to food heaven, I continued my journey of food exploration.  I have tried one the main dishes of Thailand called “Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice with coconut juice on top of the rice. Only thing that I can say is, you need to come to Thailand to try this.  Here you got the original flavored dish.


Pad Thai wrapped in egg



mango sticky rice 

The  best way to explore Phuket is on a scooter. That was one the highlights of our trip in Phuket. What a freedom to just go around the whole island ( 3 hours from north to south and back) I will write more about that in my next blog. Also island hopping is one of the major touristic attractions of Phuket, but was not on our list since we were about  to travel to several countries plus Phuket had enough bountifully places to explore.


Laguna Beach, Phuket 

One great tip if before you go to Phuket have a set budget! We got so overwhelmed by all the activities you can do here that your wallet may start to talk to you “lol’”. Especially if you want to do island hopping, that is the one thing that is not very cheap, but overall you can make Phuket as affordable as you want!

God Bless.


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