Going where the wind blows part 2

Dear readers,

While being in Asia I sometimes have to get use to the bad internet connection or not having anything at all. I don’t mind. Actually I found it sometimes very relaxing, just reading a book or listening to music.  As matter of fact that was one of the fun things for me to do while laying on the beach in Phuket. Of course do not forget the coconut!

So we rented a scooter in Phuket. We stayed 10 days and decided to rent the scooter via the hotel. You can basically negotiate about everything  in Thailand, so we had “I may say” a great deal for 5 days. We rented a scooter for 300 baht (about €7,97 / $8.34) a day.  I might add that we made  friends with the owner of the hotel so we got discount on many things (lol) .

One tip I can give,  is that you need to look into the top scams of Phuket / Thailand before you come. It is not to scare you, but as the saying goes… prevention is better than cure. So we came prepared. After checking the scooter and taking pictures of it incl. the contract “we are totally not paranoia” (smile) , we started our new adventure through Phuket.

At first my husband had to get use to the scooter (I sat behind him) , but once he got the hang of it we started our  Phuket version of  Californian highway 101! It was amazing alongside the coast, just what I have prayed for, God is good.


A full tank will last you 2 days and will cost you  €2/ $3 to refill. 





Stay left!

-Must see in Phuket-

The activities we visit were an hour or sometimes 1,5  ride (scooter) from our destination. Here are a view notable activities that we visit;

–          Big Buddha.  We had seen a big Buddha in Hong Kong but we decided to see the other one in Phuket too and the view from the top is great. I also loved the way to the top, you can see elephants along the road. The entrance is free and please do not wear shorts or skirts. If you forgot you will get something there to cover yourself.


I am as big as the big buddha. 









–          Wat Chalong temple . There are many temples over the island but we decided only to visit one. This temple is very beautiful and is absolute one activity you need to put on your list. The entrance is free and the same information about what to wear applies to this temple.


–          There are many viewpoints on the island, the one which I really fell in love with is Phromthep Cape the view from the south point of the island is amazing. You feel the rest,  peace and see the calmness of the sea. Unfortunately  we could not stay to see the sunset, but I sure enjoyed the beautiful scenery.










–       Monkey Hill (local inside). Not a lot of people know about this and it is not an official tourist attraction. The official name for the place is Khao to sea, that is how you will find it whenever you want to visit the place. Be aware! it is a hike , so wear comfortable shoes or go like us   on a scooter ! that was a blessing I really could not see myself doing that hike in that heat.  Almost at the top you will have a view over the old town of Phuket. It is not  a spectacular view, but  since you are on your way to see the monkeys you might want to take some pictures. On the top you will find these vultures. I like monkeys don’t get me wrong but seeing them in real life in the wild is a challenge. Especially if they only want your food.  I advise you to watch your belongings. They are fast and can hurt you. I only gave them some food because I was guided by the locals.


–       Patong beach. This city was also awfully  hid by the 2004 tsunami. It is  beautifully rebuild and a fun place to be. Nai Yang beach (where we were staying) is basically a village in compare with Patong.  Patong is where the party is going on.  It is crowed, lots of massage places,  many local and western restaurants and also well known for all the top ten scams of Phuket (lol). We could have stayed there but I guess the lord wanted us somewhere else (smile).

-Top restaurant tip –

Of course I am going to talk about food, that is actually what I love to do the most (smile).

We had two favorite place we visit when we were in Phuket, that was Phen restaurant in Nai Yang beach and this little old lady were I unfortunately cannot give the restaurant information of, because it is some  thai local thing, that was also in Nai yang beach.

Let us start with Phen restaurant, excellent service and one of the best food that I had on the island. It was always full and after eating there a couple of times, they knew I like their coconut shake so on my last day on the island, they made an extra big coconut shake for me.  One of the beautiful things of this restaurant is that you can have dinner on the beach. You hear the sea at night and they have decorated a few trees with lights…. Super romantic!! if you think I make it extra beautiful well read the reviews on trip advisor (wink).



About the little old lady.. I still don’t know her name, because she could not speak English. The one thing that she could say is  “banana, mango shake or pineapple shake”. It was so funny and so sweet,  she was the first one to expose us to the local Thai food and I will never forget that.


little old lady.



My favorite mango shake



At this moment we are traveling in Malaysia and I can tell you this….KL (Kuala Lumpur) is crazyyyyyy, another level, to be continued….


Come fly with us! 

 “For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.Isaiah 55:12 ESV

God Bless.


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