Going where the wind blows part 2

Dear readers,

While being in Asia I sometimes have to get use to the bad internet connection or not having anything at all. I don’t mind. Actually I found it sometimes very relaxing, just reading a book or listening to music.  As matter of fact that was one of the fun things for me to do while laying on the beach in Phuket. Of course do not forget the coconut!

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Going where the wind blows part 1

So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place. Mark 6:32 NIV

Beach and coconut all day. Life is beautiful when you have God in it. Until now I can say God is leading us, every step of the way. Exactly what we have asked for in our prayers. After a hustle and bustle in Hong Kong we arrived in Phuket, Thailand!  It was time for true rest, peace and living the coconut life. No running around anymore but just being blessed of the warmth treatment from the Thai people.  I can tell you I liked them from the moment we landed. The Thai people are so friendly and helpful, if you have never been I would say go go go!

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