Tulips in my Backyard

My roses are dead my violets are not blue but can I still say I love you?

I have started writing again but my time away from this blog has been for a reason. Only God knows the deepest of deepest inner heart feelings. Continuously broken and mixed. Wondering of doubts and closeness. God is truly The only one who I can go to, my father my all-time prince of peace.

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Not just another Sunday…

As I am cycling around the busy streets of Amsterdam, I encounter a lot of obstacles….Tourist, cars, trams oh my! I totally forgot that the European Athletic Championships are held in the city center. Living only 15 minutes away from church “which is in the city center” I was already navigating in my head how to arrive there. I decided to make my way to church a sightseeing trip. Passing the Vondelpark “a famous park in Amsterdam” seeing the runners trying to finish the race, made me think about the book of Corinthians where it is written;

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